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Z dowództwa przyszedł rozkaz o podwyższeniu czujności bojowej:

W sobotę, 18000h rozpoczyna się operacja Gulf of Serbia! – znanej Wam lepiej jako Gulf of Oman.

Przygotować sprzęt!

Broń ma błyszczeć jak psu jajka w słońcu Bliskiego Wschodu!

Poszukajcie swoich starych kombinezonów pilotów! Wyprać, załatać dziury!

Okulary przeciwsłoneczne, zabrać ze sobą! 😉


Zbieraj graty, dupa w troki i do przodu!

Nowe zabawki już tam są!


Gulf of Oman Gameplay

BF Play4Free Gameplay

Battlefield Play4Free

Listen up soldiers, it is absolutely imperative that you read this!
You may remember the last time we asked you guys to test our servers. Well, things didn’t turn out quite as well as they could have, so it’s time to try and hit that big 10k once again.
You ARE soldiers after all, the best of the best, and we know you can dig in and get the job done.

As soldiers you are expected to be able to fight it out regardless of weather conditions or location, and oh boy do we have a location for you. You will be heading to the great Gulf of Serbia in the middle east… but maybe you know it better as the „Oman”.

That’s not all though, with new territory and the need to alter tactics comes a whole new set of toys for you to use the wreak havoc on your enemies.

Rule the skies and show ground vehicles and infantry alike what a metal, weapon toting bird in the sky can do. Become an aerial ace once again and put these high speed precision monsters to some good use.
Take to the water and hit the beaches hard, your enemies will never see it coming.
Grab the vantage point by dropping our team mates of before the enemy has time to position themselves or set the battlefield ablaze with these whirling tools of disaster. Support your ground troops and make those enemy tanks wish they had never left their base.

Yes folks, not only you’ll be able to have fun shooting each other, but you’ll do be able to do it in boats, jets and Helicopters all in the comfort of the sunny „Oman!”

So, if you want to help us stress our servers to the limit by playing on an epic new map, make sure to join us on:

Saturday the 29th January, between:

18:00 and 21:00 (CET)*

If not before, we will see you all on the battlefield this Saturday!
That is all; you are dismissed, soldiers!
The Battlefield Play4Free Community Team


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